Can candidates capture your interest?

Can candidates capture your interest?

With the Party Conferences over the battleground is set for the General Election campaigns to start. Political campaigning, like most industry sectors, is undergoing a shift from traditional paper-led media towards digital marketing channels. Data capture is becoming hugely important for effective low-cost campaigning.

The days of mass-produced low quality newsletters falling through letterboxes…

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Fri, 16 May 2014 03:23:15

roisin kirby


Back off, man, I’m a scientist.

Look what I spotted…Heartwarming branding campaign #firsts from Vodafone

Heartwarming branding campaign #firsts from Vodafone

This video is doing the rounds on social media at the moment. It stood out to me as an example of a great branding campaign.

The story takes two senior ladies (An and Ria) from Holland on their first flight on an aeroplane. We experience their nerves and preparation before the flight, their excitement as they board the plane and share the wonder of modern aviation through their innocent…

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7 ways to take your content mobile

Mobile access to web content is a key trend in digital marketing, with many companies adopting a mobile first strategy.  Desktop-only sites are set to become dinosaurs, so now’s the time to refresh your web strategy with mobile in mind. The options for taking your content mobile can be confusing – responsive and adaptive design, hybrid and native apps, or a separate mobile site – so here’s a…

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Look what I spotted…The NEW Marketing Strategy (apparently)

I stumbled upon this Infographic on Pinterest, and the heading grabbed my attention ‘The NEW Marketing Strategy’!

infographic new marketing strategy

However the content of this graphic has made my blood boil and demonstrates the problem with some social media marketing experts – it’s all about the delivery and certainly not a strategy. Here’s why…

The infographic shows Step 1 as being ‘Plan’ – Search engines, great content,…

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5 Incredible Benefits of Marketing Automation for Your Business

Marketing automation has become more important than ever in 2014, especially for those businesses who want to grow and see profits rise. Marketing intelligence firm, IDC, believe that the industry of automated marketing will grow to a staggering $4.8 billion in 2015; showing just how important this business technology really is. If you’re considering marketing automation for your business, but…

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7 reasons to take control of your company’s social media accounts

Social media accounts are easy to launch, which make them a great marketing tool, yet this simplicity can be the cause of big problems for businesses. Obtaining social media optimisation can be a struggle when business accounts are set up by staff without any training or guidance.

Imagine the scenario where there’s a clear brand messaging strategy, yet unauthorised social media accounts are set…

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How brands are highlighting LGBT rights at SochiThe Sochi Winter Olympics will be remembered as being the event that put LGBT rights on the global…View Post

How brands are highlighting LGBT rights at Sochi

The Sochi Winter Olympics will be remembered as being the event that put LGBT rights on the global…

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